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Why Winter is the Best Time to Renovate Your Pool

November 15, 2017 by admin No Comment

Winter is a great time for renovations on your pool, especially if you need a basic update for your pool, or if your pool has had leakage or cracking issues. For starters, this is the time of year when swimming pool owners use their pool less often, if at all, meaning contractors aren’t getting as ...

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End of Summer Pool Deals and Sales

August 9, 2017 by admin No Comment

From a lifestyle and climate perspective, some argue that the South Carolina summer never really ends. There’s always a piece of culture, good food and friends right around the corner in Charleston, no matter the time of year. Most residents, however, don’t use their swimming pools all year around. There’s really not a closing procedure, ...

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Free Pool Consultation All Summer Long

July 3, 2017 by admin 1 Comment

It’s summertime, and nothing beats the heat of South Carolina like jumping into a giant refreshing pool of water. It’s even better when that pool is in your own backyard. Sure, everyone would take a swimming pool for their Charleston home if they could click their heels and have it magically appear. But what a ...

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Swim Lessons in Charleston

March 31, 2017 by admin No Comment

Although the swim season never really ends in South Carolina, it sure gets a lot more popular when spring and summer hits. If you’ve never really been taught or have a young one that needs some aquatic engagement, it’s never too late to learn. Getting swim lessons is easy and can be quite affordable. Don’t ...

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Spring Pool Checklist

January 27, 2017 by admin No Comment

Yes, it is still winter, but people in South Carolina aren’t shoveling snow and aren’t worrying about road closures. The weather is pretty good all throughout the year, and when the New Year comes, eyes turn to spring. Although most residents in Charleston and in the surrounding areas don’t close their pools completely during the ...

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Bought a Pool? You may have forgot something.

December 28, 2016 by admin No Comment

You’ve gone through the process of choosing and buying a pool. You have planned out how you will maintain your new home-side vacation after it’s installed. The accessories, toys and furniture have all been purchased. When most people buy a pool, these are the things they consider, but there is one thing that most people ...

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4 Common Pool Maintenance Mistakes South Carolina Residents Make

November 28, 2016 by admin No Comment

With the wonders of the internet, DIY guides and automation products, pool maintenance has never been easier. Even with these abundant resources, most people aren’t pool cleaning experts and people make mistakes. We often receive calls from customers asking about the issues that arose from incorrect DIY pool maintenance. To help you avoid making these ...

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Plan Your Spring Pool Today

October 31, 2016 by admin No Comment

In South Carolina, not everyone shuts down their swimming pool in winter, but not a lot of swimming happens regardless. The peak swim seasons around Charleston are Spring and Summer. As a result, when those seasons hit, residents without a pool want one built right away. But by that time, a lot of orders have ...

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Fall is a Great Time to Install Your Pool

September 29, 2016 by admin No Comment

Summer is over and a lot of people in South Carolina don’t start thinking about next year this soon. That’s understandable, but there are a lot of advantages to getting next year’s pool built this year. For starters, you will be ready to swim when you want to. Most residents around Charleston don’t close their ...

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Swimming Pool Design Tips

August 15, 2016 by admin No Comment

Congratulations! If you are ready to start designing a swimming pool for your home, then you are one step closer to having your own backyard paradise. Obviously, you want your new investment to be perfect, so both the planning and execution must be aligned with your outlook and vision. For the best results, you need ...

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