You’ve gone through the process of choosing and buying a pool. You have planned out how you will maintain your new home-side vacation after it’s installed. The accessories, toys and furniture have all been purchased. When most people buy a pool, these are the things they consider, but there is one thing that most people forget: lessons.

As a pool-buying adult, you likely already know how to swim. It’s less likely, however, that you have taken any form of pool safety course. Pool accidents happen all the time, so it’s extremely important to be prepared. Lifeguard lessons cost very little compared to the cost of a pool, but they ensure that you can handle emergency situations in your pool. Typical courses allow you to get CPR Certification on top of the other benefits. Especially for those buyers who have children, a Lifeguard certification course is highly recommended. Even if your child is older, then you can pay for them to become certified. The minimum age to become a lifeguard is 15 years old.

Speaking of lessons for children, when you are buying a pool it’s recommended that you let your children take swimming lessons. This will give you the peace of mind that your children will already be able to swim by the time your pool is installed. Some of our customers have both older and younger children. For them, it’s recommended that you have your older children take Lifeguard certification courses and your younger children take swimming lessons. That way, when you are away from the pool, you can rest assured that your children are certified in case any accident occurs.

It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of buying a pool to forget to purchase some peace of mind. Some basic lessons can cost less than $100 per person, but give you or your children the training necessary to make sure that you can use your pool safely. If you are interested in these lessons, you can find a list of public pools and lessons here:

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