If you have heard the story of Goldilocks then you know that some choices can be difficult. Whether its porridge or pools, choosing the one that is right for you can take some time. To help you choose the right-sized pool for your home, you need to break down the pros and cons of each size. Check out our breakdown of each pool size below:

Small Pools

Alaglas of Charleston offers four pools that can be considered small. For exact dimensions, check out our Citation I & II, Sand Dollar and Guppy pools.  Small pools range from 8’ to 9’9” wide and 16’2” to 17’17” long. This can be compared to having a Ford F-150 on your property permanently. Now that truck is buried in the ground, but just imagine that length and width in your backyard. The great thing about small pools is that they enhance the value of your home without taking up a great amount of space. They cost less to heat, clean and maintain, but they won’t fit on a ½ acre property. They are perfect for two or four people, but won’t fit large parties. If this sounds like your type of pool, contact Alaglas of Charleston to talk about your new small-sized pool.

Medium Pools

Most pool-shoppers opt for a medium-sized pool and with good reason. The difference between medium and small pools is an added 4’ to 6’ in width and 8’ to 12’ in length. These pools are more of an investment than smaller pools. If you plan on using your pool weekly when the weather is nice, then a medium-sized pool is for you. These pools can comfortably fit five to ten people at a time. So larger families and pool parties frequently use medium-sized pools. They cost more to heat and take more time to clean, but they are perfect for fun or exercise with the largest selection of types.

Large Pools

Getting a large pool means you will have endless possibilities. Large pools are about twice the width and two and a half times longer than small pools. They also are much deeper for those who enjoy diving. If you are looking to exercise, large pools offer the most benefits. If you plan on throwing parties or family outings at the pool, a large pool will accommodate everyone comfortably. Purchasing a large-sized pool means that you will never have to worry about whether your pool is big or deep enough to handle what you want to do. They, of course, come with those added heating and maintenance costs, but these aren’t drastically different. A large pool offers the most for its owners.

Let Alaglas of Charleston find the perfect-sized pool for you. Call them at 843-789-9469 today.