The extreme heat is one of the main reasons people in South Carolina own swimming pools. When you are drenched with sweat, there’s nothing better than immersing yourself in a pool that’s in your own backyard. The heat is not to be underestimated, though, as many residents of Charleston have come to know. Everybody has been told millions of times to keep hydrated, stay in the shade and to not stay out for long periods of time. But when it’s swim time, it’s hard to accomplish all of those goals. The key is to make it easy on yourself. No one wants to fill a cooler full of ice and take it outside every single time you need to swim. Get a small refrigerator and place water and other drinks in that for easy accessibility. Do you have permanent shade around your pool? Umbrellas are affordable and you can also do a lot with trees and shrubs to add protection. Is your water level often low? Do you have to bring in water to make sure it is filled to the correct capacity? Shade will help with evaporation and you can also put a cover on the pool to help with burn off when not in use or at night.