From a lifestyle and climate perspective, some argue that the South Carolina summer never really ends. There’s always a piece of culture, good food and friends right around the corner in Charleston, no matter the time of year. Most residents, however, don’t use their swimming pools all year around. There’s really not a closing procedure, more of just mentally closing it down for a couple of months. Since a lot of people are not in the swim mindset, a lot of pool companies and products offer deals late in the swim season to try to attract new customers and business. The biggest area of savings is with new pool construction. Think of it like this—no one wants to buy a snowmobile in the peak heat of July. The busiest building time is in the late winter, early spring, when people want their pool ready to go for the new year. As a result, the deals and savings exist in the fall and winter on new pool construction. Right now is the time to be shopping for the best pool prices so you can transform your backyard into your own private resort. That’s right—complete swimming pool design that will turn your vision into a reality. Now is the time to start finding out more information and to get the process started. Want to start shopping different pool sizes and designs? When all of your neighbors are saying, “Let’s wait until next year to get a pool,” you can already be breaking ground. Talk to a swimming pool design and build expert from Alaglas now, so you can get the answers you need: 843-789-9469.