How have swimming pools changed over the years? Well, the answer is actually in the name! While today we call them swimming pools, for thousands of years they were known as baths. Instead of swimming, they were used for bathing, religious ceremonies, socializing and more. Let’s go through the history of the swimming pool to see how we came from the “great bath” 5,000 years ago to the Deep Eddy Pool (one of the first in-ground swimming pools built in the United States) of today.

The Pool’s Earliest Depictions

Around 2500 BCE, Egyptians created hieroglyphics depicting swimming. This is the first known record of swimming pools being used. This also marks the beginning of baths becoming swimming pools. It would take nearly 2,500 years before records of swimming pools were found in another nation (Japan in 36 BCE).

1862: The First Indoor Pool is Built

After around 2000 years of pools growing in popularity and the sport of swimming beginning to form, the first documented indoor pool was built in England. Soon after, the swimming pool and swimming as a sport began to be taken more seriously. Two more indoor pools were built in England and men’s swimming competitions became public events. Only 23 years later, Briton Webb became the first documented person to swim the English Channel.

Swimming Pools Become Part of The American Dream

Eventually, swimming as a sport became legitimized and secured itself as an Olympic event. After World War II, Hollywood movies began depicting swimming pools as a part of the ideal American life. Swimming pools exploded into the mainstream now that part of the American Dream included having a swimming pool in your back yard. Today, nearly one in 30 people have a swimming pool.

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