For many pool owners, the goal is to leave on vacation and to return to the swimming area that is the same as how you left it. To ensure you pool is prepared properly and professionally, it is advisable to go with a pool service company with decades of experience in your specific geographical area or to keep in mind a few tips and tricks to ensure everything will be fine. Here is a checklist to help you understand the process:

  1. Chemistry of the Water—from three days to a week before leaving, the water balance needs to be checked for pH (7.2-7.6), alkalinity (80-220 ppm) and calcium hardness (180-220 ppm). After the levels have been evaluated there are options to chlorine shock or non-chlorine shock your pool.
  2. Check Water Level of Pool—if it is low right now, then it will be even worse when you get back. Adjust for the water level before you leave.
  3. Equipment Removal—unless you are going to be gone for a really long time, there’s no need to take out the skimmer basket, remove wall fittings, solar blankets, cleaners and ladders from the pool. All equipment can remain.
  4. Drain Plugs—Again, unless you will be gone a long time, leave the plugs intact.
  5. Clean the Pool—whatever it takes, skimming, vacuuming, brushing, etc., just clear the bottom of your pool of debris, clean the sides above the waterline, and remove all floating leaves, trash and yard waste. This will make your pool swim-ready when you return.
  6. Algaecide—if you are adding algaecide or other floaters, remember to not do it at the same time as the shock.
  7. Cover—the last step of the process is using a strong and durable cover to prevent debris and animals from falling into the pool while you are traveling.