We all go on vacations for different reasons. Some of us just need to get away from the routine, job and our familiar city. Others want to travel and to experience new things. There is a way, however, to create that vacation escape in your own backyard.

It starts with a new swimming pool. Or dramatically modifying the surroundings of your old one. A good place to start is with the shape. Alaglas not only has different sizes of pools, covering small, medium and large, but also differs shapes as well.

Some residents of Charleston want a simple, square design. Others are looking for seats at both ends, curves and different entrance and exist options. Browse through the different designs and see what pool really speaks to you.

After you have selected your pool, think about what you want in and around your resort-style backyard. Tile or concrete? What about the color? Establishing a theme will help you align everything.

Next move on to the chairs and seating arrangements. There are a lot of indoor/outdoor furniture options from which to choose.

You can even explain your vision to an Alaglas of Charleston associate and they will help bring your vision to life through complete design and construction work.