In South Carolina, not everyone shuts down their swimming pool in winter, but not a lot of swimming happens regardless. The peak swim seasons around Charleston are Spring and Summer.

As a result, when those seasons hit, residents without a pool want one built right away.But by that time, a lot of orders have already been placed. And by the time you are ready to build, when it is finally completed, summer may already be half over.

With Thanksgiving and Christmas on your mind, where do you start with a new pool build?

Starts with the best company. Get a free phone consultation, have a pool design expert come to your home for an evaluation.
If swimming pools were free, everyone would have one. But what people don’t understand is that new swimming pools are actually quite affordable, especially when you look at the value it adds to the property and the many financing options.
It can all start with gathering some basic information. Get a free overview and see what you are really dealing with by calling Alaglas: 843-789-9469.