Everyone wants to own a pool with their dream home, but nobody wants to spend the time to maintain an Olympic-sized swimming pool. In recent years, homeowners have realized that not all swimming pools need to be massive. In fact, a smaller swimming pool can often compliment your home in ways that a larger pool cannot. Smaller pools even require less maintenance, are heated easier and cost less. So if you have a small backyard, here are some tips to make your pool have a big impact.

Make Your Pool the Middleman

For most people, your backyard is a square or rectangular space. A small pool can fit into this space easily if it is placed in between two sections of your yard. Imagine cutting your backyard into three pieces, then filling the middle piece with your pool. By sandwiching your pool in the middle of your yard, you allow it to create a line of symmetry. This not only helps the pool blend in, but offers tons of possibilities for decoration on the other two sides of your yard.

Think Outside the Box

If your backyard is too small to have 1/3 of it filled up by a pool, then consider buying a circular pool or hot tub. Small circular pools offer an intimate touch to your yard, while being self-contained. They fit in nearly any space in your yard. Whether it is in the corner, center or off to the side, a circular pool will fit and compliment your home with no hassle.

Heat Things Up

Earlier we mentioned that a hot tub can be used as an alternative to a pool. If you would rather install a hot tub, then there are a few things to consider. You need to understand that hot tubs are best used above ground. Consider building a small deck around the hot tub where you can set your towel, shoes or phone. Also consider placing an umbrella next to the hot tub to keep the sun out of your eyes. Even placing this addition next to a grill can help it blend in with your backyard.

If you have a small backyard, check out Alaglas of Charleston’s pools specifically designed for small spaces. You can also call Alaglas of Charleston at (843) 789-9469 to discuss turning your backyard into a paradise of your own.