On a hot summer day, few things can beat a refreshing dip in your personal swimming pool. All the fun can quickly end, however, if the right caution, common sense and safety practices are not taken into account. Let’s look at some pool safety issues to ensure you have an uninterrupted and amazing swim season:

The sun—even on partially cloudy days, the UV rays can still cut through the light cloud cover and cause serious burns. No matter the SPF, some sunscreen is better than no sunscreen. It is recommended that children use sunblock of an SPF 30 or higher.

Fencing—the best thing is to have supervision at all times around your pool. But animals, neighbors and children have a way of always finding the pool water. Proper fencing and precautions will allow you to have the peace of mind of knowing your swim area is secure.

Horseplay—your swimming pool is the perfect place to jump, splash, and burn calorie after calorie. The pool deck, however, is not the place for that type of activity. A simple jog around a wet deck can cause you to easily slip.

Chemicals—make sure your pool is properly balanced; incorrectly balanced chemicals can lead to pool staining and a variety of other complications. We recommend you establish a relationship with your local pool supplier so they can create you a profile and keep your pool properly balanced. Read all your labels and consult an expert if you have any questions.

Make sure you have an unbelievable summer swim season without injuries.