Although the swim season never really ends in South Carolina, it sure gets a lot more popular when spring and summer hits. If you’ve never really been taught or have a young one that needs some aquatic engagement, it’s never too late to learn.

Getting swim lessons is easy and can be quite affordable. Don’t put it off any longer—heck, we’ll even make it easy on you—here’s some places that will have you swimming in no time.


This organization has several locations and is one of the biggest companies associated with swim lessons.

  1. Local Youth Organization

If there’s a YMCA or Kroc Center or similar youth center in your neighborhood, there’s a good chance they have a pool. Even if you are not a member, most offer classes to the public for a fee.

  1. Parks N Rec

Don’t worry; your local parks and recreation department has a complete list of Charleston pools and associated swimming lessons:

Once you have mastered swimming and want your very own pool, give Alaglas of Charleston a call:  843-789-9469.