It’s easy for a swimming pool builder to say that their product or type of pool is the best in the market, but rare to hear definitive and concrete reasons why. We at Alaglas Pools of Charleston strive to back up our statements with facts and the below list represents just a few of the great reasons a fiberglass swimming pool is the right choice for you, your family and your backyard. Take a look at some of the reasons our customers choose to install a fiberglass pool over any other type of swimming pool for their backyard.

  1. Latest Technology – The fiberglass swimming pool industry has an established and competitive manufacturing base that strives to bring the best materials and manufacturing techniques to customers. This competitive environment pushes manufacturers to be the most innovative and bring the highest quality to the swimming pool market. With over a dozen fiberglass pool manufacturers in the United States, the best products and manufacturers naturally rise to the top.
  2. Innovative Designs – With a large variety of shapes, sizes and colors to choose from, fiberglass pools offer an astounding array of stylish designs for homeowners at many price points. Whether you are looking for a simple place to cool off in the summer, a backyard oasis or a family fun pool, there is a fiberglass pool for you.
  3. Warranty – Fiberglass pool manufacturers offer some of the best structural warranties in the industry. As we all know by now, the liner of a vinyl pool needs to be replaced over time and concrete pools have to be re-plastered and will eventually crack. In ground fiberglass pool manufacturers can offer such a great warranty because they know their product never needs resurfacing or replacing. (However, it’s highly recommended that fiberglass pools be installed by a factory authorized contractor to ensure the pool is installed correctly!)
  4. Low Maintenance – The last thing a pool owner wants to do is spend their weekends cleaning and balancing the water chemistry of their new pool. Spend more time enjoying your in ground pool when you choose a fiberglass swimming pool. The non-porous surface of the pool does not allow algae to stick to the walls and floor, and chemical balancing is a breeze with an inert surface that does not affect water chemistry.
  5. Faster Installation – Fiberglass pools are a fantastic choice if you are concerned about construction time in your backyard. Because the pool shell is pre-manufactured in an environmentally controlled setting, you not only get a quality product but spend less time looking at a construction mess and more time enjoying your beautiful backyard. Typically your fiberglass pool installation takes between 2-4 weeks total compared to vinyl and concrete pool construction that can last months!
  6. Pool Surface – No more skinned knees, torn or stained bathing suits when you choose a fiberglass pool. The surface of the pool is smooth to the touch and won’t scuff your feet or hands as you swim. Additionally, you will never have to deal with a wrinkled pool liner.
  7. Beautiful Finishes – Not only is the pool surface smooth, but the color finishes are fantastic! Gone are the days of plain white pool finishes. With a fiberglass pool finish you can choose a color that fits the overall design of your yard. From a refreshing bright blue to a deep, calming topaz, there is a pool finish for you. You can also add tile for a higher end look.
  8. Lowest Maintenance Cost – As we have mentioned, maintaining a fiberglass pool is the easiest option available today, and chemical costs are significantly less than a vinyl or concrete pool. But the most significant savings is the long-term renovation costs associated with replacing a vinyl liner, or re-plastering a concrete pool surface. Choosing a fiberglass pool eliminates the need for any of this work and gives you the best cost savings over time.
  9. Water Features – Fiberglass pools are compatible with a countless number of water features including slides, jets, fountains, and waterfalls. These options can be added to almost any fiberglass pool, allowing you to truly customize the look, design and feel of your backyard.
  10. Longevity – Since fiberglass pools don’t need to be re-surfaced, you can be assured that the finish will look the same for years to come. Vinyl and concrete pools are susceptible to staining, fading, wrinkles in vinyl and etching in concrete. These materials will fade over time and start to deteriorate as right away. Fiberglass pools have a proven record of maintaining their look and feel for years.

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