Going through the process of selecting, purchasing, installing, cleaning and maintaining a pool can be long, but worth it in the end. Pool owners will tell you, not only does a pool look great, but it feels better. If you have a pool already, you can rest assured that the hard work is done. With just a little inspiration and moving, you can accent your pool in some amazing ways. If you follow our Pinterest page, you might have seen these great ideas before. If you haven’t, consider following us on Pinterest to get more creative pools ideas!

Relaxing by the Pool
Sitting out by the pool can be one of the most relaxing weekend activities when the weather cooperates. Some days you just want to get a quick tan while others you want to sit and relax in the shade. That’s where the inspiration for this pin comes from. Poolside furniture like this allows you to quickly create shade or indulge in the sun depending on what you want. Not to mention, the white goes well with the blue of a pool.

A Pool that Doubles as a Theater?
Who knew that your pool can act as a double investment? With a simple projector screen and projector, your pool can become a backyard movie theater overnight! Throw in a few floating recliners and a grill, and you’re set to have a great group movie night! You can even use floating Bluetooth pool speakers to listen to your movie without having to blast your neighbors with a high volume.

Who needs a Diving Board?
After you’ve turned your pool into a movie theater, you might consider going even further and adding a climbing wall to your pool. Not only can you swim laps in your pool, but you can train to become a climber!

Most of us don’t have the space or budget to install a climbing wall on our pool, but we like to use this as an example that a pool isn’t an investment in any single thing. Want your pool to become a movie theater? You got it! Prefer to combine climbing and swimming? Sure! With the right décor and accessories, a pool can become much more than just a pool. If you need even more ideas for alternate ways to use a pool, reach out to us at 843-789-9469.