From the visual stimulant factor, energy savings and environmental aspects to safety and longevity issues, improving the infrastructure and equipment surrounding your South Carolina swimming pool system is crucial.

Here’s a look at some of the top reasons and factors that go into upgrading your Charleston pool or whirlpool:

  1. Safety—Coping and Tile: Everyone’s heard about how dangerous it is to run around a pool, but what happens when simply walking causes a security issue? If you have had your pool for decades, the deck can shift, coping can become warped and tile can raise and crack. A reputable pool service company can work with you to replace your tile and coping to make sure everything is flush, looks nice and is safe.
  2. Cost Savings—Efficient Equipment: Pool hardware technology continues to change and evolve. For example, variable speed pumps can drop energy costs from 30% to 60%, saving you hundreds on utility bills. There are also high-performance heaters that don’t have NOx emissions and have best-in-class efficiency and faster heating. LED lighting uses ¾ less energy than original lights and last five times as long. See how equipment upgrade options can help the environment and save you money.
  3. Longevity—Pool Surface Refinishing: A construction or service company can refinish your pool to prevent leaks, protect your feet and body parts while adding more aesthetics to your pool system. Painting, plaster and pebble finishes all change the quality and look of you swimming pool. Sand and waterblasting is also an option to restore the original look of the material.

With a few simple modifications, your pool can feel brand new while the safety and beauty of the pool itself continues to grow.