Winter is a great time for renovations on your pool, especially if you need a basic update for your pool, or if your pool has had leakage or cracking issues.


For starters, this is the time of year when swimming pool owners use their pool less often, if at all, meaning contractors aren’t getting as much business. Not to mention, the less time you’re using your pool, the more time there is to complete pool renovations. Both of these facts mean your pool could be ready by or even before the swim season comes back around.


Slower business overall also means you might be able to get or negotiate lower prices for your renovations because contractors will want and need your business. Water rates are often lower during the wintertime as well.


Something else of note is this—securing swim supplies is significantly easier for contractors to do during the wintertime compared to other times of the year. Better access to supplies means supply shortages are less likely to happen, and the supplies available will be the best quality you can get within the limits of your budget.


If you’re ready to start your pool renovations this winter, visit our services page for more information.